When Covid-19 happened and harsh restrictions related to social distancing got implemented. The restaurant/bar industry was one of the ones that got affected hard.
In less than three weeks, we created, produced, and launched the campaign ‘The Regular’s Glass’ (Stammisglaset) for Carlsberg Sweden, an initiative aimed at paying tribute to the special relationship between venues and their most loyal customers. We created one single and one unique glass per restaurant. That would be engraved with its owner’s name and would sit waiting patiently for their next visit. Each glass was auctioned on Tradera to the highest bidder.

The campaign got a positive response and got a lot of “regulars” involved on the online auctions and got written about in articles. The campaign got an earned reach of 11 million and had 67 million online views.

Art Direction & UX/UI
Carlsberg @ House of Radon, 2020

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