Back in the day at Radon, we had the tradition of creating a goodbye gift when people were leaving. Usually, we create a personal print for that person and here are some of the goodbye gifts, I've created for ex-colleagues.

When Christoffer Mckie, our Head of Design left Radon to join Happy Socks we were happy for him but of course also sad to see him leave. So the craft department decided to give him “Sad Socks” to remember us. The socks were printed with our sad faces as the pattern and I created the packaging out of small paint cans.

I created this pixel-art poster for Amelia, who is a huge fan of the old game - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Me and Christoffer Mckie created this Saul Bass-inspired movie poster for Alfred who worked as an editor.

I wanted to create something by hand and something I hadn’t tried before. So I decided to create a drawing of grapes in the stippling technique. So after many many small dots, I ended up with this print as the goodbye gift for Reneé,

Another wine-inspired gift was this gift for Gabrielle. I took one of her favorite white wines and, I re-branded the bottle as she was the wine and created new labels, and spraypainted the top of the bottle black.

When our designer Carl left, the rest of the team decided to create a classic “vikgubbe”. We all got a section each and didn’t know what the others were creating. I got the head, so I created an illustration of a raccoon wearing a hat. We put the final result we printed on vinyl and put that on a skateboard deck.

I created this bird sound print for Vanessa. The idea is based on her habit to whistle around the office and her ability to sound like a bird. So I decided to create the print based on soundwaves.

When Noam left Radon, me and Camilla Uhlén created an album cover that we then framed and made into an album plaque for him.
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