ASKET is an independent apparel brand founded in 2015 with the mission to slow down the fashion industry and change the way we manufacture, market, and consume clothing.

We at Radon have been working with ASKET for many years and we helped them with branding, packaging, and website/e-commerce. I've worked mostly with their website but I've also created many illustrations and been a part of different campaigns.

Art Direction, UX/UI & Illustrations
Asket @ House of Radon

Unraveling The Thread was a special exhibition at The ASKET Showroom, where ASKET wanted to show their customers the journey from sheep to sweater and to uncover the entire Merino wool supply chain.

Me and Christoffer Mckie worked together to create the visual style for the exhibition and to create all the different materials for the exhibition.We created everything from invites, signages, the lookbook to the merino wool table.  
Back in 2019, I help ASKET with a new website structure. I worked as the UI designer and was in charge of setting up the new structure and the new functionalities they wanted for their new website. And then in 2020, I created all the illustrations for their new function Size Finder - to help the customers find the right size of the garments. Together with their new website and new functionalities, ASKET won - Sweden's Best E-commerce of 2020. 
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